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Our Story

The Port Kembla Surf Life Saving Club dates from 1910, when it was established by a group of dedicated and community-minded bathers. The bathers established the Club to ensure safe public amenity for the community accessing Port Kembla beach through the provision of surf lifesaving services. 

Our Club proudly continues this strong lifesaving tradition and could be considered as the home of women's surf lifesaving as it was one of the first clubs in Australia to allow women to become active patrolling members. The first group of eight women did their bronze medallion training at Port Kembla before flying to the warmer waters of Coffs Harbour to do their assessment. After successfully receiving their bronze medallion, they began patrolling and took on various roles in our club. Our club proudly continues to have strong female representation both patrolling the beach and in surf sport competition.

The passion and dedication of our members is the cornerstone of our continued success. Patrolling Port Kembla beach from September to April each year, our members are often called upon to provide first aid, rescue swimmers in trouble or locate rock fishermen swept from the infamous Honeycomb Rocks at Hill 60. Our Club also has a rich and successful history of competition in surf sports.

Port Kembla Beach is a safe swimming beach and is very popular with families, swimmers and board riders of all ages.​ The Surf Club is perched on the high foredune, overlooking the northern end of Port Kembla beach and is the longest in the Wollongong area at 6.6 kilometres.

Our Sponsors

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